Jamie Sorensen
is an artist, curator and producer
based in Liverpool.

L22 Press
Crosby Library, Liverpool   
 2017 - ongoing

L22 Press is a new commission from Spare Room Residency.  Each month a different artist will produce a new work for Crosby Library noticeboards on Liverpool Road, accompanied by workshops, talks and other events.

L22 Press is part of At The Library, a new programme of work inviting artists and communities to be creative in Sefton’s Libraries.  Funded by Arts Council England and Sefton Council

left - works by Sumuyya Khader
Adverts In My Dreams
isthisit, online exhibition
June 2017

‘Adverts in My Dreams’ was an online solo-exhibition of work by Leeds based artist Karl Russell Vickers, curated and produced for the platform Isthisit?

Isthisit? is a platform for contemporary art founded in 2016 by it's current director, Bob Bicknell-Knight. Online, it operates as a gallery creating  exhibitions showcasing emerging to mid-career artists, hosting a roster of guest curators experimenting with the medium of the internet to interrogate a variety of different concepts. The website also hosts monthly residencies, where artists are given a web page to create a completely new work that exists on the internet as a piece of net art. Offline, it has held exhibitions in venues across the UK and in Berlin and is the publisher of the isthisit? magazine.

CBS Gallery, Liverpool   
January 2017 

Karanjit Panesar and Lewdjaw come together to present works that examine the translation of images and objects through various states. Shelves appear to drip off the walls as they transition between fixings. Handwritten symbols buzz on screen in a cycle of concealment and revelation. eeeeeeeee. brings together the ideas of transition and translation in relation to objects, images and language, pursuing an exploration of the slippery middle ground of objects stuttering between two and three dimensions and familiar phrases released from context. These slips in between states will hopefully allow us to further examine what surrounds us and develop a new visual literacy.

Spare Room Residency
Waterloo, Liverpool   
2016 - ongoing
Spare Room Residency offers a one-week residency programme giving artists both studio/exhibition space and accommodation in the organiser’s family home in Waterloo, Liverpool.

The aim of Spare Room Residency is to provide an opportunity for artists with a short term studio/project space, to produce work, develop their practice, and test new ideas.

The programme includes studio discussions with Liverpool based artists and curators, studio visits across the city, as well as the opportunity to visit Liverpool’s public art institutions, commercial galleries and artist led spaces.

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