Jamie Sorensen
Artist and Curator
Based in London

Curatorial Projects:

2017 - 2020 Spare Room Residency, Liverpool
2017- 2018  L22 Press, Crosby, Liverpool


2019 School of the Damned
2014 BA (Hons) Fine Art, University of Reading
2011 Foundation in Art and Design, Southport College

Exhibitions/ Projects/ Talks:
2020 Young Artists in Conversation Interview with Phoebe Cunningham and Sophie Goodchild
2020 Forced Collaboration with Rachael Jones and Reouth Keren

2019  All was vibrating fur, School of the Damned end of year show, Limbo, London
2019  SINC, as part of Index Festival, The Tetley, Leeds
2019  SINC, Backlit Gallery, Nottingham
2019  Self/Collectively-organized initatives - Panel Discussion, The Artist’s Journey #2, Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield
2019  Rock-a-bye Bivalve, Delicious Clam, Sheffield
2019  Self-Organisation and Collective Practices, Foodhall, Sheffield

2018  Slide Night, with Kevin Hunt, Frances Disley and Linny Venables, curated by Thomas Whittle, CBS Gallery, Liverpool
2018  Bye Hun!, with School of the Damned, The Royal Standard, Liverpool  
2018  Studio Visit, Milk collective, Online
2018  Pool Our Resources, with Sean Roy Parker, Liverpool
2018  At The Library, a programme of projects, residencies and collaborations inviting artists and communities to be creative in Sefton Libraries, Liverpool

2017  White Solstice, with Laurence Payot, in partnership with Sefton Libraries and National Trust, Liverpool
2017  Shelf Online Residency, Shelf, London
2017  Adverts in my dreams, Karl Russell Vickers, curated by Jamie Sorensen, isthisit.com
2017  eeeeeeeee. Jack Lewdjaw and Karanjit Panesar, curated by Jamie Sorensen, CBS Gallery, Liverpool

2016  30/30, 12ø Collective, London
2016  ebc001, with Jack Otway and Louise Fitzgerald, East Bristol Contemporary, Bristol

2015 Lockjaws*, with Esme Boggis, Bristol Art Weekend, Trinity Centre, Bristol
2015 Lockjaws*, Issue 01, Bristol
2015 Polyphonie X, Open House, London

2018  Ambit presents Liverpool, Ambit Magazine, Issue 236
2018  The Bad Vibes Club unpicks The Thing, CBS Gallery, Liverpool
2017  People Like Us, A-n Assembly, Liverpool
2017  Artist-Led Hot 100, supported by A-n, selected by Kevin Hunt
Recent Work

you’ll likely have to bend and twist to untangle, with Sophie, Phoebe, Molly, Sam, Emmet, Rabi, Oren, Gustavo, Katharina, Saoirse, Ellen, and Thilaka, All Was Vibrating Fur, Limbo, London, 2019

rock-a-bye bivalve, School of the Damned with Delicious Clam, screenprint, edition of 50.

reading and writing together, with Sophie, Katharina and Ellen, SYNC, with School of the Damned, Backlit Gallery, Nottingham, 2020

I never could put it into words, Bye Hun!, with School of the Damned, The Royal Standard, Liverpool, 2018