Jamie Sorensen
artist, curator, coordinator

School of the Damned; Class of 2019
School of the Damned is an alternative arts and education platform.
School of the Damned was formed in 2014 as a reaction to the increading finacincialisation of Higher Education in the UK, making postgraduate study exclusive and unattainable for many. School of the Damned is student led and peer supported therefore each year group rewrites the School as they see fit.

All Was Vibrating Fur - SINC Tetley Leeds - Tate Exchange Inventorys of Behaviour - SINC Backlit Gallery - Self-Organisation and Collective Practices

At The Library
A programme of projects, residencies and collaborations inviting artists and communities to be creative in Sefton Libraries. 

L22 Press
A new programme of public artworks for Crosby Library. Using the open and accesible space of the library as a site for community engagement with contemporary art, accompanied by workshops, talks and other public events.

Spare Room Residency
Spare Room Residency offers a one-week residency programme giving artists both studio/exhibition space and accommodation in the organiser’s family home in Waterloo, Liverpool.

Other Artistic and Curatorial Projects
Ambit Magazine (issue 236)The Artists Journey #2Slide NightWhite Solstice (video) - M i l k  - Shelf online residency - People Like Us - Artist Led Hot 100 - eeeeeeeee. - ebc001 - isthisit/adverts-in-my-dreams - lockjaws*